Sequoia Scale

Big-company benefits 
for small workforces

Just because you’re a small company doesn’t mean the high-impact employee benefits typically offered by big companies should be out of reach. Sequoia Scale was designed to help you offer a rich benefits experience that reflects your deep commitment to your people and supports your dynamic growth. It’s a solution that delivers both choice and value as you expand your workforce and move your business forward.

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Tapping into relationships for unmatched benefits value

Sequoia Scale is a unique benefits program designed for people-first companies with small workforces. Our strategic relationships with carriers and vendors and our unique packaging approach bring you a higher value for your benefits dollar. As the same time, you get to offer an innovative mix of health and wellbeing plans and perks that are benchmarked to rival some of the world’s most admired employers.

Delivering benefits flexibility to support your agile growth

Supporting employers in any industry or state, the Sequoia Scale program helps you streamline benefits management and set up smart processes without locking you in. It offers a flexible array of services and the freedom to choose the HR systems that work best for your business. The program is also easy to transition into and out of as your company evolves. 

Sequoia Scale clients are proudly putting their people first

Everything you need to
set a new standard for benefits

Premier Health & Wellbeing Benefits

Global Benefits Coordination

Dedicated Employee Advocates

Mobile Enablement & Enrollment

Rich Analytics, Insights & Guidance 

Turnkey Systems Integration

 No-Touch COBRA 

Built-In Compliance 

Fueled by the Sequoia Platform

Total benefits engagement

Sequoia PX gives your people and their dependents a better way to engage with their total rewards. Our top-rated mobile app provides effortless access that doesn’t depend on physical ID cards and boring benefits booklets. When combined with Sequoia HRX for  benefits management, you’ll have a better way of reaching employees and guiding them to make the most of your employer-sponsored programs.

Total benefits management

Sequoia HRX brings together all your data from disconnected transactional systems and centralizes it in one place for a holistic view of your programs. You also get digitally-delivered guidance from your Sequoia team to help you understand the trends you’re seeing, take recommended actions, and get more value out of your people investment.

The experience your people want
with the support your business needs

Sequoia makes sure you don’t have to compromise when it comes to taking care of your people. The Sequoia Scale program exists to give small companies an amazing benefits experience at a great value. 

Your people will get:

  • Great health benefits well beyond just medical insurance
  • Innovative wellbeing programs and perks they’ll love
  • Stellar support from dedicated employee advocates
  • Relevant and engaging communications and education
  • The industry’s top-rated benefits app, Sequoia PX

Your business will get:

  • Amazing benefits benchmarked to attract top talent 
  • Turnkey benefits administration to free up internal resources
  • A stacked service team to guide your program 
  • A seamless evolution path to scale confidently
  • All brought together in Sequoia HRX

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