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Focus on what matters, leave the rest to us

When serving your people well is critical to your success, not just any PEO will suffice. Sequoia One offers an experienced team and robust HR and payroll infrastructure that won’t get in the way of other business priorities. We’re here to help you expertly manage employer programs for your distributed workforce, guide you through all the milestones ahead, and set you up to get the most out of your most important investment — your people.

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Taking things off your plate so you can get down to business

Sequoia One is your go-to for fully-outsourced HR, payroll, and benefits tailored for small companies with an eye on growth. With Sequoia One, you get a rich benefits package rarely attainable by small companies, modern technology to help you strategically administer your programs to a distributed workforce, and a dedicated team so you can redirect resources to what matters most.

Propelling and protecting your business growth from day one

Sequoia One removes the friction and risks associated with scaling your business, even in times of uncertainty. From your seed round through global expansion, we deliver the expertise, automation, and insights you need to get the most out of your investment in people. When you’re ready to move off a PEO, we’ll guide your path forward with minimal disruption to your people, processes, and systems. Learn more about what’s next by exploring our Sequoia Scale and Sequoia Tech solutions.

Sequoia One clients on the path to greatness

The perfect blend of HR services

Benefits & 401(k)

Attract and retain talent across the US with benefits that rival companies 10x your size

Payroll & Taxes

Focus on your business goals while we take the lead on payroll and tax execution

HR Administration

Streamline, automate, and enhance the employment cycle for a distributed domestic workforce

Modern Technology

Put information at the fingertips of your employees and management


Confidently follow best practices in HR, payroll, and benefits management

Risk Management

Proactively protect your business and your people from risks and liability

Fueled by the Sequoia People Platform

Give power to the people

Sequoia PX gives your people and their dependents a better way to engage with their total rewards. Our top-rated mobile app provides effortless access that doesn’t depend on physical cards, printed benefits booklets, and paper paystubs. When combined with Sequoia HRX for total benefits management, you’ll have a better way of reaching employees and guiding them to make the most of your employer-sponsored programs wherever they work or live.

See your strategy in action

Sequoia HRX brings together all your transactional benefits data in one place. We’ll use it to inform your people strategy and help you make insightful decisions that drive better business outcomes. You can use it to collaborate with our team and observe the impact of your programs in real time. And when you’re ready to bring HR in house, we’ll train you how to get the most out of this powerful total benefits management solution.

The experience your people want with
the operational support your business needs

Sequoia One combines a team of trained, passionate consultants, HR best practices, and best-in-class tools and infrastructure to meet the needs of your employees and your business.

Your people will:

  • Enjoy unmatched benefit options and perks
  • Feel empowered with a top-rated mobile app
  • Get support from dedicated employee advocates
  • Understand and appreciate your investment in them
  • Get a seamless experience working from the office or from home

Your business will:

  • Be better equipped to attract and retain talent
  • Free up internal resources while stabilizing HR costs
  • Streamline HR and payroll operations
  • Reduce employer-related risk and liability
  • Scale with confidence

“Sequoia One is truly a phenomenal service that I consider one of my best secret weapons.

Sequoia One clients are covered by a free financial assurance program from Employer Services Assurance Corp. (ESAC). Our accreditation with ESAC demonstrates our commitment to protecting our clients and promoting a high level of integrity and responsibility within the PEO industry.

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