Global Benefits

Prime your business to take on the world

Sequoia knows that a global presence doesn’t look the same for every company. Our strategic global benefits practice is designed to flexibly support your business mission — whether it’s protecting global business travelers, setting up employees or operations in new countries, or providing a better benefits experience to local employees in any country in which you operate. 

Strategic global guidance

Sequoia’s global consulting team has decades of combined experience guiding the global benefits strategies for people-first employers. We have a proven track record helping clients improve the design, financing, and delivery of their benefit arrangements around the world, as well as first-hand, in-country backgrounds and deep knowledge of local benefits practices to guide your implementation.

Local support in 130+ countries

We provide global benefits services through our Sequoia Global Network of local actuaries, brokers, and consultants. The network gives our clients access to highly-vetted benefits experts everywhere they operate, regardless of ownership structure. Whether you choose to retain your existing local brokers or leverage our network members, Sequoia oversees the work of all local resources to ensure consistent adherence to your global strategy and overall stewardship of your benefit plans around the world.

Modern technology that
brings it all together

Get ready to make better decisions about your global benefit plans

Sequoia HRX includes a global portal that stores all the details of your benefit plans in every country. See plan documents, manage multiple renewals in multiple locations, and keep track of enrollment and costs everywhere you operate around the world.

Empower your globally-mobile people with better benefits access

Whether on an international business trip, a short term posting, or a long-term global assignment, Sequoia PX lets your global business travelers connect with and use their benefits from their smartphone the same as if they were safe at home.

We love helping global businesses get where they need to go

Smarter solutions for your global workforce

Size doesn’t matter to Sequoia. Our clients range from emerging firms with small employee populations in a handful of countries to large employers with thousands of employees in dozens of countries. These people-first businesses choose Sequoia as their global benefits partner because of our unique and effective global benefits management model.

Strategic Vision & Guidance
  • Global benefits brokerage and coordination
  • Global benefits strategy and governance
  • Global benefit inventories and analysis
  • Multinational pooling strategy, implementation, and management
  • New country establishment support
  • Global merger and acquisition support
  • Global benefit communication
Local Country Benefits Support
  • Local plan design and implementation
  • Contract renewals, policy issue and review
  • Periodic re-bidding and negotiation of
    insurance contracts
  • Benefits surveys and benchmarking
  • Benefits communication and administration
  • Assistance with claims processing and issue resolution
  • Updates on legislation and market trends
  • Vendor selection and management
Global Mobility Consulting Services
  • Business Travel Medical and Accident coverage
  • Short-term travel coverage for medical emergencies and accidents abroad
  • International evacuation support for medical and non-medical incidents
  • Long-term coverage for employees on overseas assignments longer than 180 days
  • Benefits coverage for expats, inpats, and TCNs
  • Expanding coverage to include dependents, sojourn and leisure travel
  • Assistance implementing Life, LTD and retirement benefits for a global workforce

The Sequoia Global Services team is proactive in wanting to understand our company’s needs as we continued to grow and have been successful in helping us reach our international growth goals.”

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