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Comprised of over 1,000 people-first companies, Sequoia’s client community honors us with the opportunity to work with some of the brightest thought leaders, HR pioneers, and envelope pushers in the biz. Together with our clients and partners, we are committed to finding better ways for companies to take good care of their people. 


Sequoia has been a great partner as our company grows and continues to look for ways to enhance the employee experience. Their team helps us identify new opportunities for benefits and is quick to respond to any questions or concerns from management or employees. They have made my job much easier!

Laura Rodnitzky
Vice President of People

Sequoia has been a great resource, providing proactive guidance in the ever-changing landscape of employee benefits. Rising healthcare costs continue to be a major challenge for any company and its employees. My team at Sequoia has consistently ensured the best rates and quality of care available. And their commitment to client service provides employees with a positive benefits experience and expert advice when needed.

Lea Crisp
HR Consultant

The team at Sequoia is amazingly considerate and responsive. They work hard to anticipate our needs and help us stay out in front of any benefits challenges. We love working with the Sequoia Team!

Sara Guerin
Human Resources Administrator

The Sequoia team is incredibly responsive and always works in our firm’s best interest. We appreciate the relationship and trust we have with Sequoia.

David Walker

I’m constantly surprised by how helpful the team at Sequoia is. Their depth of knowledge and resources is seemingly boundless. Internally, they must be playing a constant game of “Let’s raise the bar!

Emilee Barbiero
Human Resources Manager

Sequoia’s Risk Management team is top tier. In addition to providing expert guidance and excellent client service, they were able to simplify our commercial insurance portfolio & save us tens of thousands of dollars per year!

James Core
Human Resources Director

For a small company, building great benefits is challenging in at least two ways: it’s hard to get access to the best offerings at good prices, and it’s difficult to find the time to put all the programs in place. Sequoia One solves both the problems at once. You can offer market-leading benefits and do it easily, which lets you stay focused on building your business.

Michael Callahan
Founder and CEO

The Ayasdi HR team can’t thank Sequoia enough!!! They’ve been an integral part of our hyper-growth and consistently puts their clients first and exemplifies the true meaning of partnership.

James Takazawa
Vice President of Human Resources

Being in the heart of the highly competitive Silicon Valley, our ongoing vision is to hire the best. In order to accomplish this, our benefits needed to reflect our vision. That’s where the Sequoia team came in and did a stupendous job at creating valuable and competitive benefits packages with minimal increases in cost.

Minela Bjelevac
Human Resources Generalist

The Sequoia Global Services team is proactive in wanting to understand our company’s needs as we continue to grow and have been successful in helping us reach our international growth goals. I highly recommend Sequoia!

Tricia Burchell
SR Human Resources Operations Manager

Sequoia has been an instrumental partner in supporting our employee growth. Our Sequoia team has served as an outside resource for employee education on health insurance coverage, guiding them into the complicated world of insurance and answering an array of questions. Sequoia brought us from a small scrappy start-up to the larger company that we are becoming, all while ensuring that our costs are competitive.

Amy Kux
Head of Finance and Accounting

Changing to Sequoia was one of the best decision we have made in regards to our US benefits! We are so happy to have a partner and a great team that understands our specific needs.

Veronique Martel
Human Resources

There is so much out there in the market when it comes to wellbeing, we depend on Sequoia’s expertise to help vet vendors, products, and services. This saves our company both time and energy so we can dedicate our resources more fully to engage employees with programs that improve their health and productivity.

Richard Takahashi
Benefits Manager

Sequoia makes you feel like you are a part of their company and they are a part of yours. They proactively think about our future and help us determine what is best for our employees. Additionally, their guidance on compliance, seminars, health fairs, and social events expand our knowledge and network. They are an important part of our future, and we are so happy to have them as part of our team!.

Chris Hudson
Head of Finance

What separates Sequoia from other benefit brokers is their focus on customer service and attention to detail. Sequoia takes the burden of benefits administration off of my plate, and the feedback from our employees regarding their support is stellar. They have partnered with us so that we can provide our employees with a top notch benefit program at a cost that makes sense for the business.

Landon Pearson
Vice President of Human Resources

Sequoia is very responsive and takes a proactive approach to our benefit programs. Sequoia has helped to determine our short and long term goals and then partnered with us to take positive actions, such as enhancing our benefit communications last year. They genuinely care about us and our employees and are always looking to come through.

Jennifer Cooke
Payroll Manager

Sequoia is one of my favorite business partners to work with. They have enabled DoubleDutch to deliver a competitive and comprehensive benefits offering to employees. The Sequoia team continuously offers above and beyond service and support to our lean HR team in areas of strategic benefits programs, open enrollment, compliance, and more.

Brooke Greco
Senior People OPS Manager

Our Sequoia team has done a fantastic job representing Durect during open enrollment renewals, organizing health fairs, and by providing excellent customer service not just to me, but my employees as well. They are quick to step in to help resolve claims issues and have always brought about a positive outcome.

Nina Borja
Senior Manager of Human Resources

Sequoia is more than just a vendor to us – they are an invaluable HR business partner that we can always count on!

Rose Nemet
Human Resources Coordinator

Sequoia One has helped me refocus my energy on hiring, taking away the time-consuming aspects of the onboarding process. It is a truly phenomenal service that I consider to be one of my secret weapons.

Alex Revelli
People Lead

Working with Seqouia is an absolute pleasure. They are professional, enjoyable to work with, keep your best interests at heart, and know the benefits market incredibly well. I absolutely look forward to continue building on our partnership.

Erik Zech

Sequoia has been a critical component in the success of the service we provide to our employees. Their employee service and dedication is second to none.

Linda Han
Finance Department

After an exhaustive search to find the right benefits consulting firm for our company, there was a true “Eureka!” moment when we met Sequoia. They were truly the only consultants we spoke with that truly understood our growth, goals and concerns. Sequoia gets startups.

Daniel Chestnut

The level of customer service we receive from Sequoia is amazing. They have gone above and beyond to help us with the major projects like open enrollments, as well as the day-to-day issues that our employees face.

Rosalind Cohen-Baruch
Director of Human Capital

Sequoia is an essential resource to our team. The prompt replies and expert advice are invaluable to us and spot on every time. They are our lifeguards and a fantastic asset.

Danielle Maino
Senior Human Resources Manager

Sequoia has provided not only exceptional service, tools, and support, but also saved us thousands of dollars off our premiums. They are truly a trusted partner and advisor.

John Morris
Vice President of Finance

Sequoia has been beyond fantastic in working with us to ensure our overall employee success. From our first meeting to our ongoing enrollment of new hires, the team has been responsive, supportive, and accommodating.

Vicki Appel
Senior Vice President of Customer Success

We rely on Sequoia to help us evaluate, design, and manage a creative benefits program that contains cost while providing our employees with choice.

Bill Roure

I rely on them to be up-to-date and knowledgeable on the latest in employment law, benefit structures, and how to find the best HR advice.

Stephani Martin
Director of Human Resources

Every analysis request, general question, or employee situation that we have engaged Sequoia on has been handled in an A+ manner on their side.

Howie Shohet

Sequoia is truly a partner for our employees and our business. Our employees are our #1 asset, and we want to provide the very best benefits so they and their families are taken care of. Sequoia delivers amazing service, and their client support team provides impeccable follow-through while challenging problems. Year after year in internal surveys, our benefits score high-marks.

Denise Lyle
Director, HR

With Sequoia One, we can offer recruits and employees a benefits package that really makes a difference in their world.

James Fong

Sequoia makes our benefit management easy by providing the full suite of tools, resources and experts needed to tackle any task.

Ragan Chizmar
Human Resources Manager

Sequoia is the go-to benefits and HR partner for any startup or high-growth tech company. They understand and internalize the company’s culture and challenges from day one and work relentlessly to provide practical solutions at very reasonable costs. They are true professionals, and I consider them to be our trusted advisors.

Ed Lu

The service that we have received from Sequoia has been excellent. They always go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service and make sure that our questions are always answered in a timely manner. Knowing that we have a great partnership with a company that excels at what they do gives us peace of mind when it comes to our benefits program and provides a sense of security for our employees.

Marcia Wada
Human Resources Generalist

The level of service and professionalism I’ve received from Sequoia is unparalleled. They are a knowledgeable and dedicated team that has guided us through some challenging issues and have always been highly accessible, well-informed, and resourceful.

Jacob Shulman

Sequoia is an invaluable partner and resource. They are highly personal and work tirelessly with us to provide the best for our employees at MindSnacks.

Alice Tu
Human Resources

Sequoia is an important business partner to us. They deliver value-based programs to our employees above and beyond what other benefit brokers offer in the market.

Jonathan Surridge

Sequoia’s expertise, foresight, and delivery created confidence and were a critical component of a very successful project, and I’m happy to be working with them!

Jennifer Hartmann
Human Resources

Sequoia understands our business and makes recommendations appropriate to our stage and size. They’re always looking to innovate and are focused on helping us achieve our goals within our budget.

Gautum Gupta

Neotract began working with Sequoia after years of increasing benefits costs and lack of aggressive renewal negotiations with insurance carriers. Their team brought us creative solutions that led to significant savings while improving employee benefit levels.

Doug Hughes

Very pleasant experience overall. 110% answered every question I had and provided more information than I expected. Definitely made the process so easy.


The Customer Success team at Sequoia is amazing. 100% best interaction I’ve had in my lifetime dealing with any sort of insurance related questions.


Victoria was awesome. Listened to my issue and went above and beyond to make sure my problem was addressed.


The Client Advocate Team is awesome! It is so great to be able to get quick and direct answers to so many questions around health/retirement and other benefits.


Maya was an excellent advocate and helped me figure out how to navigate the insurance claims system. It is so refreshing to be able to get guidance from a real person!


Amber was prompt, professional, friendly, and detailed in her response. I was impressed and relieved with the level of service I received.


The client advocate team was able to help me with an issue I was having with my insurance when customer service was not able to. They were so courteous and made sure to get my issue resolved super fast, even during holiday times.


Grow your team with 20 more Andrews…the most helpful agent I’ve ever worked with. He knows his stuff and could not have possibly made this experience any better for me. 10 out of 5 stars!!! 


When my issue first came up I thought I’d be on the line with insurance a bunch over the next few weeks. Turns out I just had to send one email to Breanne.


Great service. Usually I get nervous to ask for help via email, but Guiselle made the experience delightful! She responded quickly and her directions were clear and concise. She also followed up to make sure I was all set.


My issue, which I’d dealt with on my own for six months, was resolved within a week with the advocate team. I didn’t have to ask twice. Much gratitude! After this experience, I’d gladly send an email blast advocating this service.


Kat is friendly, resourceful, patience and thorough. I truly am so grateful for her assistance and I don’t know how I would have negotiated my most recent billing issues without her. Emailing her/Sequoia actually feels like magic.


Lizzy made sure that I had the health insurance information that I really needed as a new hire. It was a Friday at the end of her work day and she made sure that I had what I needed.


Melissa was so helpful. She was very quick and responsive to my emails, she continued correspondence with me until my concerns were resolved. I also spoke with her on the phone and she was very attentive. A++ service from Sequoia.


Natty was absolutely fantastic. Each time, they made sure all my issues were solved and even went out of their way for me.


Nicole was quick to respond and incredibly helpful and professional. I found an issue on my newborn’s health insurance at 4 PM and it was fixed before his doctor’s appointment the next morning! Thank you for delivering happiness to this new family!


Elizabeth was incredibly informative…an absolute delight! I have no doubt that even if I had more questions or required more clarification, she would have helped me get to the understanding I sought.


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