Sequoia WellBeyond Summit

The Annual Summit for The Future of Wellbeing at Work

Sequoia’s WellBeyond Summit is an open, industry-wide annual thought leadership experience recognizing exciting achievements in workplace wellbeing, and celebrating where the future of wellbeing is going next for real people at work.

WellBeyond at a Glance:

  • Awards celebrating what’s now and next in wellbeing
  • Global, open, and industry-wide
  • Half-day, high energy, digital event
  • Focused on real solutions
  • Recognition of companies, leaders, and vendors
  • Company & vendor case study spotlights
  • Deep dive webinars and reports following the event


About the Event

Sequoia’s WellBeyond Summit is a marquee industry-wide event focused on celebrating achievements and advancements in workplace wellbeing.

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Open & Industry-Wide

Hosted by Sequoia but not Sequoia-specific

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Coming Together of Thought Leaders & Innovators

Companies, vendors, leaders are equals 

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Recognizing the Now and Next

Future-focused, but NOW oriented

 Areas of Recognition

This year, we’re celebrating excellence in workplace wellbeing with a special focus on COVID-19 response and resilience. Join us in shining a light on the accomplishments and future of wellbeing. 


Employee WellBeing

  • Mental Health
  • Financial Health
  • Company Culture 
  • Supporting Parents
  • Supporting Caregivers

Benefits, Tools, and Safety

  • Return to Work
  • Workplace Safety
  • Healthcare
  • COVID Response
  • Resilience

People Programs

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Purpose & Impact
  • Global Programming
  • People Engagement
  • Communication

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