Headquartered in California, Sequoia has spent over 18 years bringing guidance, service, and technology to top employers around the world. Sequoia essentially operates in between employers and health insurance providers to deliver the highest quality health and wellness benefits to employees. From an engineering perspective, Sequoia has tie-ups with all the top health insurance carriers across the world. Sequoia’s engineering team is the backbone that helps the company achieve our goal to go above and beyond for our clients, no matter what.

A growing problem for employers

Today, employers have no answer the question: Who is the next employee likely to leave the organization? Yet, an answer is possible if we have more data. For a long time, HR departments have collected and reported on employee-related data. But most data operations are not sufficient in today’s data-driven economy. Companies don’t measure whether they are providing the right benefits to their employees. And companies don’t have a clear understanding of the role data can play in delivering more value from their benefits programs.

“Data is useful only when it is used to retrieve information. Then the information becomes insight.”

Sequoia’s engineering team is working towards building a super app for people analytics, a term used to describe how HR teams can be driven by data. Typically, key executive decision makers in an organization don’t have real visibility into whether employees are happy or not. There is no direct way to measure the employee experience…it certainly doesn’t work by pouring data into an Excel spreadsheet.

Sequoia applies data science and machine learning to derive actionable outputs from the large dataset. With our intelligent predictive analytics, key executives in an organization should be able to identify and provide the right benefits that match their employee population, directly impacting employee wellbeing and company growth.

Value at scale

Sequoia adds value to the end consumers (i.e. employees) by providing the right health insurance options and wellbeing benefits to them and their families. We deliver a mobile guide to help them get everything out of their benefits, effortlessly. Through Sequoia’s platform and mobile app, employees (and their dependents) can opt-in to health and life insurance benefits as well as access a wide range of physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing benefits available to them. From booking in-person or virtual doctor visits, to getting ID cards, to submitting medical claims, to securing gym memberships, we put their benefits at their fingertips.

Providing a great 401(k) retirement plan is an important way US companies try to attract and retain their employees. Based on the company’s size, Sequoia will help them build the optimal 401(k) plan, provision the options that are suitable, and distribute it to all their employees. Through Sequoia’s platform and mobile app, employees can subscribe to their retirement plan.

Engineering at scale

With the world continuously moving toward a new wave of technology advancements, we are going to see tremendous changes within the next decade.


Advancements in technology enable new products and services but also increase the nature of risks. Capitalizing on these opportunities and risks opens a portal for all the new tech entrants into the market, rendering the legacy approach of incumbents obsolete. Health insurance providers need to engage end to end if they want to succeed in this transition period. They must be the driving force behind helping employers help their employees to lead healthier lives.

Sequoia is in the process of building our enormous architecture. We have picked a few frameworks on which to build our tech stack. We are adding more and more components to the stack. We are evolving and improving the application scale continuously.


At Sequoia, we love challenges. We make mistakes and learn from them. Our ambitions are huge. We are a people-first company that prioritizes taking care of employees. If you are interested in joining our team and adding value, let’s have a cup of coffee. Do you hate coffee? You can still drop a mail to karthikeyan.ng[AT]sequoia[DOT]com.

Karthikeyan NG is the Director of Engineering & Technology at Sequoia’s Bangalore office in India.