We hosted a packed house for our annual Sequoia Tech Event at the W Hotel on July 27th with over 100 guests and 30+ Sequoia team members! We heard from two awesome speakers including: Dr. David Pryor from Anthem who spoke about healthcare on the horizon (changing how carriers work with service providers) and Rod Reasen, CEO of Springbuk, who talked about the power and possibilities with healthcare data analytics. Then we tied that to a few Sequoia Tech spotlights for 2018, including: the use of Springbuk as the S-Tech health intelligence platform, new optimized administration and billing, enhancements to the Global Benefits Program, LTD True-Up, wellbeing, and a mobile app demo that included using Amazon’s Alexa.

We closed the event with a lively cocktail party with 20 different Wellbeing vendors who showcased their innovative products and services including financial, emotional, parenting, genetic and health benefits. 

If you missed the event, check back later this summer to watch the full event video.